Malware sneaking into Android market

Thank’s to Google’s “open” application marketplace (ie: No review process, post what you like), already 1% of the Apps on there have been detected as having Malware included in them – including several that were posing as Bank Apps and simply capturing your Bank details and sending them off to someone else.

The iTunes App store is a pain in the ass for developers for a reason – it stops assholes doing crap like this.

All touch screens not created equal. iPhone compared to Droid & Nexus One

You probably don’t think about comparing the quality of a screen – it’s all about the size and number of pixels: Just like we compare digital cameras using megapixels.

Just shows that comparing basic specs and pricing is no match for comparing the experience of a device.

iPhone, Droid, Nexus One, and Eris capacitive touch screens compared | 9 to 5 Mac.

DIY Touchscreen Analysis from MOTO Development Group on Vimeo.